About Avenuex

I began my adventure on YouTube in 2017, making videos about TV dramas and sharing my thoughts and ideas about stories.

I have always been interested in story telling, those videos are my way of letting off some creative steam and building a platform to share my opinions with a wider audience. Of course, videos are not the only medium through which ideas can be shared, and sometimes not the best either.

So this is where I expand my ways of story telling. Whether they are told through words, images, motion pictures or music notes, good stories transport us to far away places, open our minds and enriches our souls. Story telling is an innate need ingrained in our human nature. We process the world by turning everything we encounter, consciously or unconsciously, into stories. One after another, stories shape our understanding of life, of the world and of each other.

This is my little place for stories, in every form that interests me. Thank you for swinging by and I sincerely hope, here, at AvenueX, you will find something that adds a bit flavour to your day.