How to watch extra content of NIF2 on Weibo and access my other accounts

So if you want to watch all the extra features NIF2 puts out there, here is how you can do it.

Go to your App Store. I have iOS so that’s used here. Android should be similar. First search for Weibo. 

You want to find Weibo Intl, this is an AD free international version and it offers English translation. Do not get the yellow icon version, THE STANDARD WEIBO IS CRAP!


Once you have downloaded it, sign up. You can use Facebook to sign up.


After setting it up. Click on the search icon.


You can just type in langyabang, the drama’s official account should show up as shown in the circle.


And by clicking on it, you can see its page. If you haven’t followed it, you’d see a plus sign instead of a tick.


Another account you can follow is Aiqiyi, the official streaming site’s account. They have a lot of fun stuff.



Check out my Bilibili page where I put all my music video edits on. 




Great day!