On Launching My Shop

March is here and spring is no where to be seen.


It was my plan to launch my shop on the Pisces New Moon day, why not hey, since I know a bit about astrology.

But as it turned out, life doesn’t always happen according to your plan. Launching that Guardian song and its MV took priority.

Click to fly to that song, see what fan girls can do :)

Click to fly to that song, see what fan girls can do :)

So what better day to launch it than the International Women’s Day!

I got the idea of opening my own shop on a very special day in January, in a very mysterious way. So here I am, a month and half later, ready to kick start.

I’ve never done this before and I have no clue if it would work out, but I took the dive and … well, I guess we will see.

Unexpectedaly, the most brain wrecking thing is actually trying to figure out shipping, packaging and sourcing all the materials I needed. I haven’t even started my business yet already I see why so many entrepreneurs go … bald, prematurely.

I took a cold walk today and I ran into a long hair black cat, apart from its white bib and socks, it’s pretty much Da Qing from the book Guardian. It came up to me and meowed, then ran to a spruce tree and stood on its back legs peeking into the tree. I guess there could be a chickadee.

I’ll take it as a good sign.