The Gist of the New Guardian Epilogue by Its Book Author

Here is the gist for the new epilogue of Guardian from its original author.


Following the ending of the book, Special Investigation Division became a large bureau as every ghost/demon/super natural being wanted to come to work for the newly woken God Kun Lun (Zhao Yunlan) and Ghost King (Shen Wei). To trace the origin of hundreds of fake application forms that got sent back to the bureau office, ZYL and SW traveled to the south sea, and discovered an ancient seal at the bottom of the ocean that had been disturbed. The seal kept the “failed experimental reincarnations” that the other Gods created during the mythological era, which are micro-universes in the form of sea foam. Once you got trapped in one, you would re-live a set length of time in each bubble over and over until you find its point of connection with the outside world, and break it.  Both ZYL and SW fell into such micro-universes, from small ones as short as a 10-min loop to large ones decades long. To break through each universe, they had to destroy something on themselves. Eventually, ZYL had lost all his God powers and tools, and he got to the 81st universe which lasted 10,000 years. At the end of this universe he had nothing left but himself, so he sacrificed himself, breaking the last bubble. When he remerged from those micro-universes, so did SW, who also went through a crazy ride and was still quite confused. They then took a vacation on the beach where ZYL tried to force SW to wear floral pants and take off his shirt. 


So basically, the writer saved the drama by saying the entire drama is the 81st and last micro-universe, which explains why it has broken logic and a version of ZYL with almost no power. When he dies in the drama by burning the last thing he has - his soul, he finally breaks free and is able to meet SW again in the rea//main/book timeline.


The writer also suggested that the drama is “garbage” because the micro-universes are “failed useless experimental left-overs”. Every micro-universe restarts at 20:35pm, which is the ending time when you watch 3 episodes on the renewing dates of the drama. The story starts on the Day of Duan Wu Festival, which is the date when the drama first aired.